Boral Stonyfell Quarry Primary Crusher Retaining Wall

Client Boral
Location Adelaide, SA
Value $0.7 million
Duration Apr 2015 - Jun 2015

Project overview

Boral is an international building products and construction materials group operating in Australia, Asia, the Middle East and North America. Their quarry materials business provides aggregates, crushed rock and roadbase, fill materials, sand, specialty rocks, recycled concrete and aggregate and other quarry materials to both industry and consumer markets.

The Stonyfell Quarry is one of Adelaide’s oldest quarries, having been in operation since 1837 in the city’s eastern suburbs at the foot of the Adelaide Hills. The availability of rock in such close proximity to the city of Adelaide helped to make this quarry a major South Australian industry. Today the Stonyfell Quarry produces road base, aggregates and washed sands for use in mainly concrete manufacturing. The quarry is known to have at least a 100 years of available resources for the greater Adelaide metropolitan area.

Ballestrin were engaged by Boral to undertake major capital improvement works at the quarry’s primary crusher, in particular improving its retaining wall. Works involved the demolition of existing roof and side panels, existing staircase, move existing water tank and protection to existing transformer. Scaffolding was then installed and a new steel structure was fabricated and installed. The next steps were isolation cutting, hand demolition to internal walls, bulk excavation and demolition of wall to level of existing construction joint.

Construction works involved the installation of a heavy-duty slab including wheel stops, stair footing, erection of side cladding panels and associated purlins, replacement of existing columns, replacement of side and roof panels, and installation of a 45m spoon drain. Over 10t of steel and 60m³ of concrete was poured to complete the 143m² concrete slab. Demolished materials totalled 30m³.

Works were undertaken inside an operational quarry requiring detailed traffic management movements and close liaison with Boral site representatives.