Complex Concrete Structures

Ballestrin provides a full-service, comprehensive solution for the construction of complex concrete structures.

With over 70 experienced operators and project management specialists, we can deliver concrete construction projects of all sizes, no matter the complexity.

  • Ring beams
  • Pile caps
  • Bund walls
  • Ramps
  • Staircases
  • Lift shafts
  • Retaining walls
  • Water retaining structures
  • Bridges
  • Pavements
  • Fibre reinforced concrete
  • Shotcreting

We can build light, medium and heavy-duty pavements up to 60MPa.

We also work with specialist concrete finishes, including exposed aggregate and coloured concrete, detailed finishes, concrete sealing and surface densifiers such as Dry Treat.

Our capabilities also include single, continuous monolithic pours up to 700m³, remote location batching and concrete placement, and concrete construction works inside operational facilities.

Our team is highly experienced and able to mobilise resources to any location across Australia.

We can complete complex concrete construction projects in short shutdown windows, minimising interruptions to your operations and facilities.

Get expert advice on your next concrete construction project from the team at Ballestrin.

National Capabilities

With 13 offices across South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and the Northern Territory, Ballestrin has the unique ability to deliver complex projects in a wide variety of regional, remote and urban locations.

Our facilities are shared with our parent organisation, McMahon Services, providing Ballestrin with the advantage of a unified network across Australia. We have the ability to share and mobilise plant, equipment and personnel when required, to any location across Australia.

We have delivered projects in a wide variety of locations across Australia, including in the outback, remote islands and deserts, as well as highly congested, busy work sites in the central business districts of our major capital cities.

Key Projects

Principal: Balco Hay
Client: McMahon Services
Contract Type: Lump Sum Construct Only
Value: $0.6 million
Location: Balaklava, SA

In late January 2017, Balco Hay’s commercial hay processing plant was gutted by fire destroying hundreds of tonnes of hay and hampering future production.

After the remaining structure was demolished, production equipment urgently required two concrete slabs totalling 435m2 to operate on. Ballestrin completed this element in two days and then undertook further works with delivering approximately 400m3 of concrete works to support plant infrastructure.

Principal: McMahon Services
Client: McMahon Services
Contract Type: Lump Sum Construct Only
Value: $0.7 million
Location: Karratha, WA

Multiple insitu concrete elements in Karratha’s Light Industrial Area including installation and placement of reinforcement steel and formwork to slab, set down, pits, aprons and verandas, steel footings and pier footings totalling 12,000m2 of works.

Scope included placement and set-up of control joints, concrete placement, construction of a 60t weigh bridge measuring 22m by 6.5m and construction of a rail iron turning bay measuring 20m by 25m.

Principal: AGC AusGroup
Client: McMahon Services
Contract Type: Lump Sum Construct Only
Value: $3.7 million
Location: Melville Island, NT

Remote far north island project delivering all structural concrete works for a bulk fuel facility and associated 200-person camp using a mobile batching plant. Significant concrete works included the construction of three ring beams, pipe supports, 7,500m2 of bund structure with 3m high bund walls, and associated supporting concrete elements.

A total of 2,500m3 of concrete was placed requiring late-night pours to counter the region’s hot and humid daytime conditions, which would otherwise affect concrete curing.